If Beyoncé can wake up with flawless hair, why can’t you ?

5 things you should start doing for better hair.

With your weekly busy schedules, hair care is probably at the bottom of the priority list. While the easiest go-to idea is to splurge towards some fancy hair-perfecting treatment that drills holes in your wallet, instead ladies; here are the top 5 daily habits you should adopt to get the luscious hair you deserve. What makes this list even better? You can do all these tips at the comfort of your home and probably in your pajamas.

1.  Step away from your heating tools.


Using heat to style our hair is pretty much-needed from time to time. While your heating tools do help you to get the hair do you desire, it also contributes to the rough, dry and frizzy hair you get after the daily use of such heat. Also remember that when overused, it can dry out or fry out your hair of its natural moisture.  Many stylists recommend alternative techniques to style your hair like steam rollers, that uses steam to curl your hair which is more gentle and doesn’t overly warm up your hair. 

Hair tip: If you absolutely have to use heat to style your hair, always use a heat protection spray to reduce damage. 

2. Switch up chemical products with natural remedies.

Chemical products may be a short term solution but in the long run it leaves your hair damaged and dry requiring constant application. So why not switch it up to natural products that you may find at your home itself and which are more pocket friendly?

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3. Sleep on a silk pillow cover.

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The smooth texture of silk does not roughen up your hair cuticle while you sleep, unlike a cotton pillow cover. Silk pillow covers are softer on your hair especially if you are the one to toss and turn around while you sleep. You wake up with lesser frizz, breakage and moisture loss in return. While it certainly does help your hair, it is also a hack to fight the signs of aging. Switch up your pillow cover and notice the difference in a week.

4. Eat right.

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As the saying goes, “You are what you eat“, eat healthy to look healthy. With the toxins you put in your body, you have already lost half the battle to gain good hair. The two secret ingredients to intake are biotin and zinc. Ladies, be sure to include food items rich in such ingredients in your diet such as eggs, fish, spinach, kale etc. Having a hair favorable diet increases its shine and the natural oils that help retain the moisture in your hair.

5. Shampoo your hair right.

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Between when you wash your hair first and when you wash your hair next, you already accumulate dirt and pollutants in your hair that makes it look way duller. The products we use, the dirt we pick up from the environment we function in and the oils we secrete on a daily basis all require a thorough cleansing of our hair. Research often dictates the need for Sulfur-free shampoo as it strips your hair of its oil, but there is no hard evidence to prove that theory, so ladies only if you notice any irritation or dry scalp issues then opt for a Sulfur-free shampoo. Always lather your scalp with shampoo and the bottom parts of your hair with conditioner. 

Hair tip:  While all shampoos are known to strip your hair of its oil, always look for ‘damage-repairing’ on the label of shampoos as it has ingredients to strengthen your hair. 

We all want good perfect hair, but often or not we are lazy to work for it. Well, it is a good thing our tips are all within the comforts of home and do not require much effort. Try them out and let us know if it works for you!


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